Gboard: grammar correction comes to more smartphones!

The Pixel 6 offers virtually the same software experience as other Google smartphones. However, there are some exclusives. So far one of them was the grammar correction for Gboard. It helps us, in practice, to write better. However, this function has just been made available for more devices and this is undoubtedly good news.

Gboard: grammar correction comes to more smartphones!

Google announced the release of Gboard grammar correction in October. At that time I said that it worked entirely on the device to preserve users’ privacy and to guarantee even faster results. This would be exclusive to the Pixel 6. However, everything has changed! It is now possible to race on more equipment.

At the moment and according to a post on Reddit , it is already possible to put this function to work on Google Pixel 5a and 3a. This in beta version 11.4.08 of Gboard. The same with the Pixel 5 and 4a.

However, to tell the truth, it was even possible to run this function on almost all smartphones. To do this, it was enough to modify the build.prop file on Android. However, root access was required for this.

Gboard: Google’s Best Keyboard Tricks

The Google keyboard is one of the most used in the Android operating system . In fact, it’s full of functions, some hidden, that make writing easier. With so many new features, it is normal for many things to go unnoticed. So we are going to explain to you some of the best secrets hidden in Gboard, the famous keyboard by Google.

Write with just one hand

We usually write with both hands. However, on certain occasions, we need to write with just one. Now Gboard has a simple way to switch to one-handed writing mode. This is important. It’s just that on most occasions we write with one hand and don’t activate the respective mode that makes everything easier.

All you have to do is keep pressing the Enter key. There appears a small icon where we have to click to activate it.

With the mode activated the keyboard becomes smaller and initially aligned to the right. However, we can use the middle button on the left side, an arrow, to switch sides. Then we also have a button for the keyboard to return to its initial size.



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