Attention Android users: You must delete this app immediately

Over 50,000 Android users have an app on their smartphone that should be removed as soon as possible. Instead of saving the battery as advertised, the “Xenomorph” malware steals data and intercepts messages. The app has already been removed from the Play Store.

Malware in Play Store: Uninstall “Fast Cleaner” immediately

Another malware-infected app has appeared in the Google Play Store . It is a supposed battery saver that is supposed to improve battery performance and “boost” the cell phone. Instead, text messages, among other things, are intercepted and transmitted to external servers. In addition, the attackers are targeting other sensitive data of Android users. The attack itself goes unnoticed.

According to official information from Google, the Fast Cleaner app can be found on at least 50,000 smartphones worldwide . If you have the app on your cell phone, it is best to uninstall it immediately. The app can no longer be found in the Play Store. It remains unclear why Google’s automatic security system “Play Protect” failed.

The security researchers at ThreatFabric found out that “Fast Cleaner” is malware . They were also the ones who gave the pest the name “Xenomorph”. The name was apparently chosen because the architecture of the Trojan resembles that of “Alien”, which was up to mischief in December 2021. It is said that “Xenomorph” has not yet acted quite as aggressively (source: ThreatFabric ).

This is how I protect you from Android malware:

Save the battery and create space with on-board resources

In many cases, third-party apps are not required to conserve the battery of the Android cell phone or to clear out the memory . In the meantime, all Android manufacturers already offer ways and means to do this. These can be found in the smartphone settings under battery or memory.



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