Best Uses Of old Smartphones

You’ve got a new Android smartphone, be it Samsung’s new flagship, Vivo, Huawei, RealMe or a new Xiaomi phone.

But what about your old phone?

Of course you will sell it or forget about it in the drawer, but do you know that you have some interesting options in this regard.

If the smartphone can connect to Wi-Fi then you can do a lot with it.

After all, smartphones are small, powerful computers that have storage and a camera.

Security camera

If you’re not using an old phone, you can turn it into a home security camera.

For this purpose, you can download a security camera app like Alfred on both new and old phones.

After that you can fix the phone anywhere, just make sure that the device does not turn off due to non-charging.

Then you can log in with the new phone and watch the video feed of your old smartphone and keep an eye on the situation at home.

Can give to children

If you do not want to buy a new phone for your children, keep your old device for them.

You can customize the settings and let the kids use them so that they can do tasks of their choice, including internet search and games.

Just don’t forget to provide case and screen protector.

Gaming system

 There are many mobile games on Android and iPhone and all you need to download them is a Wi-Fi connection.

If you have an extra smartphone, you can set it aside for the gaming system, which will eliminate the worry of storage space in the new phone.

Video chat device

 If you use Zoom or any video chat platform too much, you can turn the old smartphone into a video chat interface.

This way the new phone will be open for calls and other alerts.

Wireless webcam

 If your desktop computer or laptop lacks a webcam, you can use an old smartphone as a webcam.

With the help of various software such as DroidCam or EpocCam you can convert any smartphone from computer to webcam.

You can also use the large display of an old smartphone as an alarm clock.

Download an alarm clock app and place the phone on the stand next to the bed and that’s it.

TV remote

Most media streaming devices have their own remote controls, but they can be damaged or lost.

Instead of buying a new remote in such a situation, use the phone, each device or service has its own mobile app to install on the device, link your account and use it as a remote control.

Ebook reader

If you like books but don’t want to buy an e-book reader, use your phone.

Download the Amazon Candle app or the e-book reader app of your choice.

Media player

You can also use an old phone to listen to music from your favorite streaming services.

Put it on the charging stand and connect to the Blue tooth speaker or wireless earbuds and enjoy the music.

Older phones can also be used for video streamers, downloading one or two movies and watching them while out of the house.

Store photos

 Pictures require a lot of storage so you can save them to your old phone.

You can save storage by taking pictures with your new phone and transferring them to your old phone.

You can also use the old phone as a camera and take it to places where you don’t want to take the new phone.

For example, on a lake or beach where taking pictures will not make you worry about the phone falling into the water.

Wireless mouse

 If the wireless mouse suddenly stops working, the old phone can be helpful in this regard.

To do this, download an app like Remote Mouse and turn the phone into a mouse.

After installing the app, connect the phone and laptop or computer to the same Wi-Fi network and that’s it.



3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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