Google Photos: App update brings more order to the gallery

Google Photos also gets innovations for the Android app to give the user more options for filtering.

  • New filters for Google Photos are here.
  • And a new feature to import from other sources.

In the Gallery section, Google Photos usually has all the different folders listed. There are folders for WhatsApp and other messengers, for your screenshots, your manually created albums and of course the shared albums. To get a little more overview at a glance, Google is introducing an additional bar for the Photos app on Android. There you can decide which albums should be displayed.

This is directly reminiscent of the simultaneous update for Messages , which brings a very similar function. You can quickly select a simple filter with your finger in order to get to the desired content more quickly. Google Photos now offers filters for “My Albums”, “On Device” and “Shared Albums” in addition to a complete overview.

On the device also offers a quick overview of all functions related to locally stored photos. “Import photos” is probably new, but the menu only shows two menu items for me, while it even offers a total of six options for the international colleagues from Google News . So Google is probably not quite finished with the feature yet.



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