Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Android smartwatches are getting much better

Source: Samsung

Apps on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. 

With the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung currently offers the best smartwatch. Not only is it the only watch that can access the latest software from Google, it also has a completely new processor. Now, however, new Android smartwatches are on the way, which will make Samsung a good competitor. And they come at just the right time.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic watches come in analog and digital faces a variety of backgrounds, fonts, and colors. It gives you the choice to select one according to your tastes. 

Spice up your character watch faces with AR Emojis to express your style, while animated graphics show what you’re up to, like running or listening to music.

Ridge Sports Band which is made of fluoroelastomer material will enable you to wear the watch comfortably all day. The band is durable and sweat-resistant. 

Source: Samsung

Users can track their fitness progress using the watch. The good news that it measures your body composition accurately.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will accurately tell you about your body fat percentage, skeletal muscle, body water and other important details. 

Source: Samsung

The watch comes with the Samsung BioActive sensor. You can now measure a BIA measurement using just two fingers in 15 seconds. Anytime, anywhere.

Source: Samsung

You can track your activities and fitness on the watch and phone. You can count steps, check your calories.

Galaxy Watch4 Classic detects physical activity to track your routines and supports more than 90 exercises for a more accurate report of your workouts.

The sleep tracker has now improved measuring options. It can holistically analyzes your sleep stages and check your blood oxygen level and snoring patterns. You can now get advanced insights from the National Sleep foundation. 


The Galaxy Watch4 Classic comes with Wear OS Powered by Samsung, giving you seamless connection with Samsung Galaxy devices. Control ANC on Galaxy Buds2 or enable apps on your phone straight from your watch. Additional features like the compass makes the Galaxy Watch4 Classic even more resourceful.

Samsung has made an exclusive deal with Google for a certain period of time, so only the South Korean manufacturer can use the “Wear OS 3.0” operating system for the Galaxy Watch 4 . 

All other manufacturers are stuck on the older version. This agreement is about to expire. So we could expect completely new smartwatches in a few months, which will then really run with the latest software from Google and at the same time have a brand new processor, which in turn will be supported for the next few years. Then the duel between Samsung and the various smartwatch manufacturers could again take place at eye level.




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