Most heart disease treatments and tests are unnecessary, experts say

The American Heart Association has released a report stating that most tests and treatments for heart disease are unnecessary.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the problem of low-value medical care is not new but old. Most heart patients undergo treatment or tests that do not suit their medical condition.

The term low-value medical care is used to refer to physicians who are not involved in the fight against the disease. According to statistics, 30% of Americans spend their annual expenses on non-essential medical facilities, which is estimated to be around 1 101 billion.

In addition, people who have had angioplasty or surgery to remove a blockage in an artery may have to undergo some exercise tests, but sometimes they include people who do not have a heart condition.

Dr. Wayne Kenney, a senior AHA official, said that when non-professional practices in the medical field become commonplace, it becomes almost impossible to eliminate them.

Dr. Richard Kovex, chief medical officer of the American College of Cardiology, says that many physicians override medical principles and rely on personal experience. In addition, some doctors take a defensive stance for fear of being caught by the law for wrongdoing, to perform as many tests as possible, so that even the smallest complication of the disease is not overlooked, and the fact cannot be denied. There are also doctors whose only purpose is to obtain fees.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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