Motorola Edge 30 Pro With Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC Launched in India

Motorola unveiled in India the first phone with Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 processor – the new Moto edge 30 PRO, which is a part of the moto edge range . 

The smartphone has an advanced camera system and an impressive screen that helps to render vibrant and bright images.

Superb performance

The new moto  edge 30 PRO  is equipped with the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 processor, the most advanced mobile processor from Qualcomm® Technologies®, which powers the latest 5G, AI, gaming, camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® technologies.

It is a powerful processor. However, 5G is not available in India. Will the Indian smartphone users pay extra to use their phones in 4G platform?

Moto Edge owners can enjoy the full suite of Snapdragon® Elite Gaming feature,including intelligent command optimization and bright and vibrant image rendering for ultra-realistic graphics. Compared to previous generation models, the Moto  edge 30 PRO  is 30% more powerful and 25% more efficient thanks to the Adreno ™ Qualcomm® graphics processing unit (GPU).

It is equipped with the Snapdragon® X65 RF Modem system, the new device in the  edge  family achieves Gigabit data transfer speeds, both in 5G mobile networks and in Wi-Fi networks via Wi-Fi 6E (6GHz). The 5G network enhancements, along with the impressive capabilities of the Moto  edge 30 PRO  smartphone provide a complete solution for all users.

The new device offers up to four times faster performance in managing applications, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps improve the quality of photos, video game experience and smartphone connection. The Moto  edge 30 PRO  also optimizes and streamlines battery life with a new low-power device management feature.

For longer battery life, the new  edge 30 PRO device  comes with a 4800mAh battery, so users will be able to stay connected at 5G speeds longer. In addition, users can expect the fastest charging of devices so far, thanks to the TurboPower function ™  with a capacity of up to 68W  which allows a charge of over 50% of the battery, in just 15 minutes and which is also compatible with TurboPower ™ 15W wireless technology. For added convenience, the new edge family member   can be powered from other devices via wireless charging capability.

High resolution camera for an amazing experience

From improvements to the main camera’s focusing and stabilization hardware to significant noise reduction and night-time front-facing camera enhancements, the new  Edge 30 PRO  features a complete photo operating system for taking photos and high quality videos.

The 50 MP camera system offers ultra-wide photos and close-ups. Users can capture images up to 32 times clearer using instant pixel focus. In addition, the smartphone achieves faster and more accurate performance in any light and stabilizes image capture with new enhanced OIS technology, so photos will always be clear.

Edge 30 PRO  comes to the aid of video content creators with HDR10 + dynamic technology that renders a wide range of bright and vibrant colors. The screen of the device also has an 8K resolution that ensures an image quality of over 26 million pixels, the highest video resolution available on a smartphone in 2022.

Thanks to the innovative technologies included in the new  edge 30 PRO , the smartphone overcomes the challenges of ultra-wide cameras and achieves top performance, even in dark spaces. The ultra-wide sensor built into the 50 MP camera enhances brightness and brightness in low light, creating high-resolution images. In addition, the Macro Vision feature for realistic close-ups brings users four times closer to the subject than a standard lens. The device also has a 60 MP front camera that integrates Quad-Pixel technology that helps capture high-resolution selfies.

Ultra-responsive screen and superior sound quality

The new edge device   brings movies to life with over a billion realistic colors, rendered on a   6.7-inch Max Vision OLED screen . Motorola offers Full HD resolution images that optimize both the viewing experience and battery life. Moreover, the incredibly fast 144 Hz refresh rate allows you to play serials, videos and streams for entertainment without lag.

To enhance this cinematic experience, the  edge 30 PRO  integrates the Dolby Atmos® audio system and two large stereo speakers for immersive and fun music experiences, whether the sound is played through headphones or speakers. In addition, Snapdragon® Sound ™ technology ensures superior wireless audio quality for clear calls and unforgettable music experiences, all via Bluetooth® 5.2.

The new Motorola  edge 30  PRO  12/256 GB, brings for the first time for India the fastest Qualcomm® Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 processor  in the color Cosmos Blue.



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