Nintendo meets smartphone : A game controller for Nintendo gamers


Some people say that modern smartphones have replacement of Nintendo Gameboy replacement. Gamers were not happy yet because there were no game controls for them. 

Now a Samsung designer has come up with a brilliant idea to develop a control for gamers.

Samsung designers create Nintendo-style game controllers

Juan Lee, a South Korean designer, who is working as a product designer for Samsung for many years developed a game controller called “ICON”. The product is the result of his personal project. He developed a controller which exactly looks and functions like a Nintendo controller. 

You can see in the picture that there is a holder for smartphone. There are two controllers. The controllers take on a number of different gamepads that can be freely selected and combined .

But that’s not all, the attachments of the ICON also work independently of the controllers. These can be applied directly to the smartphone’s touchscreen and used as a gamepad.

The idea is almost banal, but nevertheless ingenious .



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