What Is SWIFTNet?

SWIFTNet is SWIFT’s advanced Internet protocol-based messaging platform. It offers
four complementary messaging services that provide the security, reliability and availability our customers expect.

What Is SWIFTNet?
As a general purpose, industry-standard solution for the financial industry, SWIFTNet provides an application-independent, single window interface to all the connected applications of all the institutions participating in the global financial community. Actual access is controlled by the business policy decisions of each Service Administrator, not by the technical limitations of the infrastructure.
SWIFTNet provides a basis for assuring business continuity and disaster recovery for the infrastructure of mission-critical financial applications that cross institutional boundaries. SWIFTNet is designed to satisfy institutional community requirements for interoperability of mission-critical financial software solutions.
To interconnected business applications, SWIFTNet provides the following:
Assurance of infrastructure reliability
Role-based and non-role-based access control
Correspondent and message authentication
Message integrity
Non-repudiation support
Message validation
Store and-forward


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