Motorola Edge 30 Pro: Top-class competition for Samsung’s pen smartphones

The Motorola Edge 30 competes with the Samsung S22 Ultra with pen support. It is also one of the first smartphones with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

Samsung recently introduced the Galaxy S22 Ultra as the unofficial successor to the Note smartphones with a pen. Now it’s getting competition from Motorola. The Edge 30 also comes with pen support and will be available from early March. However, the pen itself will only come onto the market later.

Unlike the S22 Ultra’s pen , the Edge 30 Pro’s doesn’t disappear into the smartphone, instead it finds its place in a folio case. In Germany, the pen and case are not sold in a bundle with the smartphone, but must be purchased separately. While the smartphone, which costs 800 euros, is available now, the folio and pen will have to wait until mid-March. Motorola has not yet announced the price. Since Motorola uses the USI protocol for the stylus, other USI pens should also be able to be used with the Edge 30. Motorola has yet to confirm this.



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