Wireless Charger: These are the top 4 models among wireless chargers

Inductive charging stations finally put an end to the annoying tangle of cables at the bedside table and in the office – and most current smartphones now support wireless charging. The offer and the price range are correspondingly large. 

A large number of current smartphones support the Qi standard for wireless charging of the battery – a corresponding charger is almost never included, but sold as an expensive accessory. It is therefore usually cheaper to look for third-party providers.

But here too there are big differences in price and charging efficiency, because depending on the charging pad, the smartphone battery can take up to an hour longer to be fully charged in extreme cases. 

Qi chargers are also known as inductive charging stations, wireless chargers, charging pads and more. What is meant here – at least in the case of smartphones – is always the wireless transmission of energy via the Qi standard. “Qi” itself actually stands for a proprietary, standardized process.

  1. Anker PowerWave
  2. Terratec ChargeAir dot
  3. Kingston HyperX ChargePlay Base
  4. Belkin Boost Charge

Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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