TikTok is about to drop a major video restriction

TikTok is about to drop a major video restriction. (Image source: Unsplash ) 

Short videos on TikTok, longer videos on YouTube: TikTok no longer wants to know about this distinction. The popular platform has dropped an important limitation. Videos up to 10 minutes long will soon be allowed. YouTube shouldn’t like that.

TikTok: Videos can be 10 minutes long

TikTok continues to be extremely popular with teenagers and young adults for its short videos. The short video snippets attract young people – which the competition has long since recognized. Now the Chinese video portal would like to say goodbye to a basic principle . In the future, the three-minute maximum length limit will no longer apply. Instead, it only ends after ten minutes.

Corresponding tests have been running at TikTok for a few weeks. A worldwide launch can be expected in the near future, even if the company itself has not yet announced an official launch date. TikTok last increased the maximum length of videos in July 2021. Since then, not just 60 seconds have been available, but up to three minutes.

TikTok: Strong competition for YouTube

Significantly longer TikTok videos could lead to more users turning away from YouTube and preferring to watch or upload their content to TikTok instead. Until now, TikTok users had to switch to other platforms if they wanted to tell longer stories in a video.

Functions such as YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels show how strong the competition from TikTok has become . This is basically a copy of the TikTok principle that focuses on short videos .


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