Noise pollution is on the rise, say medical experts

 Karachi:  Nose, ear and throat specialists have said that the current number of people suffering from hearing ailments is 450 million which will increase to 900 million in 2050.

The growing number of hearing-impaired people in developing countries, including Pakistan, is due to noise pollution, without which we cannot reduce the number of hearing-impaired people. The WHO has also expressed concern that soon the world One billion people are going to suffer from hearing problems, he said in separate seminars on the occasion of World Hearing Day organized by Dow University of Health Sciences at Dow International Medical College Ojha Campus and Rath Fau Civil Hospital Karachi.

Experts advise online workers to take a 10-minute break after every hour of work. They say that the use of hands-free and headphones, etc., is more dangerous for hearing than loudspeakers because loudspeakers. While listening from can be distracting while the hands-free microphone keeps all the attention on one side and there is constant pressure on the hearing and there is no break, said Saba Sohail, Principal Professor, Dow Medical College. There is a need for large-scale gatherings.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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