Now you can dial local emergency number from the Google Pixel locked screen

People can contact the police, fire brigade and ambulance, even when the screen is locked via a Pixel phone. 

Now whether you are in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or staying in the United States, you can contact the local police, fire brigade and ambulance even if the Google Pixel phone is locked.

Google has dubbed it the Fast Emergency Dialer (FED). The first practical example of this was introduced by Google Pixel in its emergency app but now it has been made a part of Pixel phone. It is specially designed for the busiest people traveling internationally.

According to 9to5Google, even if the phone is locked, the emergency call button can be used to call the police, fire brigade and medical help. In addition, you can contact the power menu by opening the phone anyway, but the power button also depends on the model of which Google Pixel you have.

Pixel 5 holders can access the FED by pressing the power button for five seconds and tap on Emergency. Or you can contact the slider. On the other hand, thanks to the Google Pixel 6 and Pro 12 Android 12, you can reach the emergency by pressing the power and volume up buttons together.

According to Google Support, this facility is for the whole world and wherever you make an emergency contact, it will dial the number according to the country



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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