realme 9 Pro + has great photographic capabilities

Source:Realme India

Specification of realme 9 Pro+.

•    Main camera: Sony IMX766 50 Mpix (f / 1.88, OiS) + 8 Mpix (f / 2.2, 119 °) + 2 Mpix (f / 2.4)

•    Front camera: 16 Mpix (f / 2.0)

realme 9 Pro + cameras

Realme 9 Pro + 

As for the rear camera module, realme offers us a 50 Mpix primary camera with a Sony IMX766 matrix, f / 1.88 optics brightness and optical image stabilization, which is rare at price of Rs. 50000/-.

It has an 8 Mpix wide-angle camera (f / 2.2, 119 °) and a 2 Mpix macro camera (f / 2.4). realme emphasizes the high quality of the photos in its marketing. The camera in promotional materials is a great distinguishing feature of this phone. 

And how is the quality of the photos?

During the day, the quality of photos is at a very high level in realme 9+ Pro. When we are talking about a basic camera and a wide-angle camera we that the colors in photos taken with realme have slightly more vivid colors and more shadow detail

At night, we can take much nicer photos with the realme 9 Pro +. The less light, the greater the advantage of realme. The photos are brighter, practically never blurry and most importantly – they have much more detail. 

Sources: Realme India

As you can see, high megapixels are not everything. If there is a lot of light (neon lights and well-lit streets), the difference is not that spectacular between high megapixels and 50 Megapixel camera, but the darker it is, the more it is visible. The more so because in real life we will find a dedicated mode for photographing it – the starry sky mode . Also, realme is better at dealing with flares in light sources such as street lamps.

Realme does not have  telephoto lens, but the digital zoom in realme  does the trick. It’s not that good, of course, but the algorithms do it – with a 3x zoom, you really have to look carefully to see the difference in detail. The 3x zoom is on the left.

In real there is a professional mode with the possibility of setting the exposure time up to 32 seconds.

As for the front camera, the realme 9 Pro + uses a 16 Mpix matrix with optics with f / 2.0 brightness. The photo quality is better – the photos are more contrast and just plain sharper.

We can shoot movies in a maximum of 4K, at 30 fps. the resulting footage looks better.

To sum up – the camera used in realme 9 Pro + wins Is it a flagship camera? Yes, although it could be even better if a telephoto lens was added. Nevertheless, it is very good, especially when we realize that the phone does not cost even half of the price of most flagships.



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