Google is launching a Smart Watch with 32GB storage.


 Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 

 The Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung is currently the most attractive smartwatch with the Android operating system.  But that could change soon.  The Google Pixel Watch has been spotted at a US provider and reveals exciting details about the equipment there.  Samsung needs to wrap up warm.

 Google Pixel Watch: Smartwatch with lots of memory

 Google hasn’t officially confirmed the existence of its own Wear OS 3.0 smartwatch, but it’s already surfaced in the US under the codename “rohan”.  So Google is preparing the market launch in the background. 

The provider also published some information.  The internal memory is said to be 32 GB (source: Android Police).  That would be twice as much as with the Galaxy Watch 4 (for testing) and four times as much as with other Android smartwatches, which usually only have 8 GB.

 The Google Pixel Watch will be available in grey, black and gold.  Since it appeared at a provider, an LTE modem is also installed.  The Google Pixel Watch can also work completely independently of a smartphone.  This is where it gets interesting again, because Wear OS 3.0 still lacks the Google Assistant. 

At the latest when the Pixel Watch comes, Google should finally introduce the function for operating the clock.  Maybe Google is considering some special features especially for this watch.

 The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 also has a lot to offer:



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