Netflix is ​​charging higher prices for shared accounts for the first time

Netflix wants to take tougher action against account sharing: In the first countries, higher fees will be charged for sharing login data outside of your own four walls, as the streaming giant has now announced.

For many streaming fans, it’s normal: users share their own accounts with family and friends in order to split the subscription prices, which have been rising again and again, among themselves. What many people may not be aware of: Officially, the login data for the service may only be shared with people who live in their own household.

As the streaming giant has now announced in a press release , they want to continue to take action against account sharing outside their own four walls.

Netflix: Higher subscription prices for account sharing in the first countries

As a result, a new subscription model is now being tested in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru: users can now add one or two new “sub accounts” for users who live outside their own four walls in the standard and premium plan for an additional charge . As usual, they receive their own profile with personalized recommendations and login data.

Users in the Basic, Standard and Premium subscription can now transfer their profile information to other accounts and sub-accounts that share the account. The history, the list and the personal recommendations can thus be retained.

Even if these are tests for the time being, it seems likely that Netflix will make account sharing even more difficult outside of South America in the future in order to generate more revenue. After all, this isn’t the first attempt to restrict Netflix account sharing .



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