200MP Samsung sensor ready to debut on smartphones: here is the photo

Several months have passed since the presentation of the first 200MP photo sensor for smartphones, the HP1 from Samsung , yet at the moment no product on the market uses it. From the Asian market now there are interesting rumors about the company that could be the first to integrate it: the reference goes to Motorola , whose logo stands out on the smartphone partially portrayed in a photo that is circulating in these hours – it comes from the Asian market, but it was later reposted on Twitter.

Obviously, the camera module that contains three lenses captures the attention, under the larger one you should find the sensor of the South Korean manufacturer. The wording along the edge of the camera group explicitly suggests this: 200MP – HP1 – OIS – f / 2.2 . 200 MegaPixel, HP1 sensor (same trade name as Samsung’s sensor), camera with optical stabilizer and at least one of the lenses (presumably the main one) with an aperture of f / 2.2.

Other noteworthy details that can be obtained from the photo are the perceptible protrusion of the camera module – physiological given the large sensor it integrates – the LED flash integrated along the edge of the same module, with a glossy finish of the body that has rounded edges, and finally the ” M “from Motorola. The last detail allows us to make assumptions about the framed smartphone: the clues point to the repeatedly mentioned Frontier (code name) , also considering that the real photo confirms elements already seen in the renderings released last February .

Frontier has been described on several occasions as Motorola’s next top range: the hardware identikit traced so far provides Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 plus, 8 or 12GB of RAM, 6.67 “AMOELD display, 144Haz. 4,500 mAh battery with wired charging at 125 W. According to rumors the plus variant of the Qualcomm SoC should arrive as early as May , Motorola Frontier could debut within the same period.


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