MT n95 Queries

This message type is:

  • sent by a financial institution to another financial institution.
  • sent by a corporate customer to a financial institution.
  • sent by a financial institution to a corporate customer.

It is used to request information or clarification relating to a previous SWIFT or non-SWIFT message or to one or more transactions contained therein.

A query may also be sent to request that an amendment be made to a previous message, except in those cases where a specific message, or facility within a message, has been provided for this purpose in the related category, for example, MT 707, AMEND in field 22 of the MT 300.

The category digit of the MT n95 Queries must be:

  • If related to a SWIFT message, the category digit of the related message.
  • If not related to a SWIFT message, the category digit which best describes the business purpose of the message.

For use of messages in the corporate-to-bank environment, see the MT message implementation guide and the message matrix for corporate customers available on

MT n95 Format Specifications

StatusTagField NameContent/OptionsNo.
M20Transaction Reference Number16x1
M21Related Reference16x2
O11aMT and Date of the Original MessageR or S5
O79Narrative Description of the Message to Which the Query Relates35*50x6
O Copy of at least the Mandatory Fields of the Original MessageCopy of fields7

MT n95 Network Validated Rules

  • C1 Either field 79 or a ‘Copy of at least the mandatory fields of the message to which the query relates’, but not both, may be present in the message (Error code(s): C31).

MT n95 Usage Rules

  • The MT n95 should not be used to enquire about the fate of documents sent for collection. The MT 420 is intended for this purpose.
  • All queries that relate to the same initial message, should refer to that initial message in field 21 of this message.
  • The message to which the MT n95 Queries is related may be quoted in part or in full.
  • The MT n95 Queries always requires a response, preferably by an MT n96 Answers.
  • The use of the MT n95 in association with the MT 105 EDIFACT Envelope must be in accordance with the specific guidelines detailed in the appropriate volume of the EDIFACT Message Implementation Guides (MIGs).


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