Apple releases iOS 15.4.1: solved excessive battery consumption

A couple of weeks after the release of iOS and iPadOS 15.4 , Apple has made publicly available iOS and iPadOS 15.4.1 (build 19E258), minor updates that mostly fix bugs and improve system security. Apple also released new tvOS and HomePod 15.4.1 (build 19L452) and macOS 12.3.1.

Regarding iOS 15.4.1, in particular, a bug that caused excessive battery consumption has been fixed. I also corrected a problem with Braille devices and “Made for iPhone” hearing aids.

The update includes the following iPhone bug fixes:

  • The battery could run out faster than expected following the update to iOS 15.4.
  • Braille devices might not respond correctly when browsing text or when displaying an alert.
  • Made for iPhone hearing aids could log out within some third party apps.

macOS 12.3.1 addresses an issue that could prevent an external USB-C or Thunderbolt monitor from turning on when connected to Mac mini (2018) as a secondary monitor, and an issue with Bluetooth devices, such as game controllers, that could disconnect from the Mac after playing audio through some Beats headphones.

As usual, the updates can be downloaded for free in over-the-air mode via the appropriate menu in the settings. It is also possible to update under the 5G network if the “allow more data” function has been activated in the cellular network settings.

For the update it is necessary to have at least 20% of residual charge or, better still, to keep the device connected to the mains during the update. Before proceeding with the update it is always advisable to have a backup made on iCloud or on a computer.

With iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4, remember, several features have arrived. Among these, the Universal Control , which allows you to use a single keyboard and a single mouse to control multiple devices at a time on which you are logged in to your iCloud account, the ability to use Face ID with a protective mask on the iPhone 12 and above, even without having an Apple Watch for authentication, the possibility of inserting the Green Pass in the Wallet and support for Emoji 14 .



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