WhatsApp adds new voice messaging capabilities

WhatsApp voice messages, sometimes referred to as “voices”, have become quite popular in recent years. For example, recording an audio message is easier and faster than typing it out. Especially if the message is a bit longer in nature. Functionally, however, the voice messages are still somewhat limited. That will change, according to the developers. In a blog post they explain what changes await.

Pause recordings
The biggest innovation is that you can now pause recordings. This way you don’t have to start your voice message all over again if something interrupts your recording. You can now also listen back to your voice message before sending it – which does not seem a superfluous luxury.

You also have more options as a recipient. It has already been made possible to play voice messages faster. Now you can also have this playback happen in the background, so you can switch to another conversation or app during playback. When you pause a voice message, WhatsApp also remembers where you left off, so you don’t have to search where you left off in the conversation. And if you still have to search in a voice message, you will see that it is visually designed with sound waves. That should make searching easier

It is not yet known when the new voice messaging features will be available. WhatsApp expects these to be rolled out in the ‘coming weeks’.


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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