Editing Twitter entries becomes a reality

Editing entries on Twitter is an option that has been coveted by users for years. Until now, Twitter has always said that there is no such possibility and it will not be. But something has changed.

Twitter is an interesting creation. I remember its beginnings when many denied the need for this medium at all. When it turned out that this service offers the most effective and fastest form of providing short information – it gathered a huge community around it. It is a completely different medium than Facebook, Intagram or TikTok. Over the years, we have witnessed the development of the platform. Character limits and multimedia options have changed. The current Twitter by no means resembles the one from 2006. One thing, however, remains the same: no editing of entries. All this time, the creators of the website went into obstinacy: there was no such option, there is not and will not be. Until now that they have decided to change their minds!

Editing Twitter entries becomes a reality. The company officially announces a new function
And this narrative lasted until yesterday, when it was unexpectedly announced that work on editing had been going on for a year. In the first place, in the testing phase, the new feature will go to subscribers (not available in Poland) Twitter Blue – the premium version of the website. But these tests will not start today or tomorrow – we can expect their start in the coming months . You can see how it works in practice on the following short demo material:

Long-term users, however, have reasons to be happy – after all these months of pleading, it seems that they can finally count on the desired function soon. However, we are waiting for more information related to the topic – just how much time after publication of the post it will be possible to edit it, what the changes in multimedia will look like, etc. So far – all this is still in question.


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3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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