Forbes has published a list of the world’s richest crypto-billionaires

People who have made billions by investing and doing business with cryptocurrencies and blockchain have found themselves on the new Forbes list of the “club of billionaires in the crypto world.

The American business magazine Forbes once again made a review of the richest people in an area, and this time they dealt with the rich in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Their list of people who are “heavy” more than a billion dollars this year includes 19 names, which is seven more than last year’s list.

Among the new members of the “crypto-billionaires’ club” are those who deal with Web3 technology and, as expected, NFT, but at the top of the list are still the leading people of the world’s major cryptocurrency exchanges – Binance, FTX and Coinbase.

65 billion for first place

The richest person in the world, when it comes to assets acquired in the cryptocurrency market, is Changpeng Zhao , a 44-year-old Canadian citizen, majority owner and director of the Binance exchange office. His fortune is estimated at $ 65 billion. In addition to ownership of the exchange office, his assets also consist of some bitcoin and Binance’s own BNB coin. With this wealth, Zhao also “pushed” into the overall Forbes list of world billionaires, in the high 19th place.

Below is the full list, with the sources of the property and the estimated wealth of the people on the Forbes list (on which, you will notice, there are no women):

  1. Changpeng Zhao , Binance, $ 65 billion
  2. Bankman-Fried himself , FTX, $ 24 billion
  3. Brian Armstrong , Coinbase, $ 6.6 billion
  4. Gary Wang , FTX, $ 5.9 billion
  5. Chris Larsen , Ripple, $ 4.3 billion
  6. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss , bitcoin, $ 4 billion each
  7. Song Chi-hyung , Upbit, $ 3.7 billion
  8. Barry Silbert , Digital Currency Group, $ 3.2 billion
  9. Jed McCaleb , Ripple, Stellar, $ 2.5 billion
  10. Nikil Viswanathan and Joseph La in, Alchemy, $ 2.4 billion each
  11. Devin Finzer and Alex Atalla h, OpenSea, $ 2.2 billion
  12. Fred Ehrsam , Coinbase, $ 2.1 billion
  13. Kim Hyoung-nyon , Upbit, $ 1.9 billion
  14. Michael Saylor , MicroStrategy, $ 1.6 billion
  15. Matthew Roszak , bitcoin, $ 1.4 billion
  16. Tim Draper , bitcoin, $ 1.2 billion


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