People want to see the diligent administrator Shahbaz Sharif do wonders for Pakistan

Shahbaz Sharif is our new prime minister. He has taken the responsibilities as the new prime minister at a time when the Pakistan is facing economic and diplomatic crisis.  Will he be able to end the confrontational politics carried out by our former prime minister? 

Imran Khan’s vehement confrontational anti-western rhetoric has severely damaged the relations with the US and European union. 

Our new prime has a reputation for capability and diligent administration. We have all seen his ambitious projects and work in in Punjab when was the chief minister of the province.  We all saw how dexterously he implemented policies in Punjab Province. 

People expect a lot of him now.  Cyril Almeid said that he had dream to become prime minister to show his administrative skills. 

Our prime minister family is one of the powerful dynasties in Pakistan. Unlike his brother he enjoys good relations with the Pak Army. 

Shahbaz’s appointed has been welcomed by both the US and China. Even Pakistan’s long time rival India congratulates him

We all want to see him control the high inflation and a soaring energy crisis in Pakistan and put the CPEC on the right track. 



3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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