In India, Hindu extremists martyred a mosque: US secretary of state calls the situation worrying.

In India, Hindu extremists are attacking Muslim homes and properties on the eve of Hindu festivals. Homes and properties of Muslims in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh are being set on fire.

During Ram Navmi, Hindu Right Wing in India does not go to Ram temple to pray but goes to Mosques to throw stones and set them on fire!

In Uttar Pradesh, Hindu extremists set a mosque on fire and martyred it. Extremists also stormed the mosque.

Police in Madhya Pradesh and other areas are supporting Hindu extremists instead of arresting the attackers.

The US Secretary of State, in a statement issued yesterday, described the situation in India as “worrying” and blamed government officials and police officers. Muslims in Gujarat have been forced to flee their homes during Ramadan due to constant attacks and looting by Hindu extremists.



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