Polar Pacer is a smart watch for runners

Polar has launched a pair of smartwatches for athletes – Polar Pacer and Pacer Pro. One is for beginners who are just getting into running and the other is for those who are a little serious about running.

Both watches feature a minimalist design. they have thin frames and weigh only 40 grams and 41 grams for the Pro model, respectively.

They are lightweight so you can hardly feel them on your hands. Watches come with 20mm straps. However, you can use any strap with the Pro model.

Watches feature a round display. It is a MIP-type transflective panel for better readability in the sun.

MIP Display Modules offer excellent image quality and visibility with ultra-low power consumption.

Improved readability

There are three buttons on the side for control. The manufacturer also boasts improved performance and there is no lack of sensor equipment led by an optical sensor for constant heart rate measurement, and the watch also measures the found steps, calories or VO 2 Max.

Both models also offer integrated GPS with which it lasts up to 35 hours, otherwise you can count on weekly endurance. As mentioned, each of the watches is aimed at an otherwise experienced runner

. The basic model is to get the user to run. The watch will test you while walking and estimate your fitness and design running plans. For the Pro model, it is already calculated that these are more advanced runners, as well as more detailed statistics from activities. The watch even adds a barometer.



Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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