US acknowledges Pakistan’s key regional role in the region

The United States reaffirmed its commitment to continue its military relationship with Pakistan.  The US
acknowledged sacrifices made by Pakistan in fight against terrorism. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that Pakistan and its people are victims of terrorist attacks. This statement is very important considering the recent constraint in relations between the two countries. 

This statement came two days after the Delhi-Washington Joint Declaration.  In this declaration the US and India blamed Pakistan for cross border terrorism and asked Pakistan to punish the came two days after the Delhi-Washington Joint Declaration. They also asked Pakistan to make sure that its territory should not be used for terrorist attacks against any other country. 

I think this kind of demand from Pakistan is not right. No country can monitory the activities of terrorists completely. Pakistan is a poor country and it does not have the resources to monitor such activities. Despite its limited resources Pakistan is doing a great job and have been making sacrifices to contain and kill the terrorist in its terrorists. 

It is also a historical fact that Pakistan, which emerged after the partition of India in 1947, faced threats to its security and independence from India, which made the new state consider US military agreements as a means of protection. 

Where were the Americans sleeping when the Indian was training the Mukti Bhani insurgents? India’s action resulted in the dismemberment of Pakistan. 

I think that the baseless allegations made against Pakistan in the April 11 US-India Declaration are used by India to cover up its state terrorism and atrocities against the Kashmiri people.

China-Pakistan friendship is not part of a nexus against any other country. On the contrary, Islamabad-Beijing friendship became a means of establishing relations between the United States and China.

The Pakistani Foreign Office has responded to the allegations and rejected them, informing the United States of its position at the diplomatic level. Diplomatic channels are the right way to inform countries of their concerns. This is to be borne in mind in the context of seven decades of Pak-US relations There are many aspects of these relations, including military cooperation, economic interests, role in international forums, social welfare and the need for regional peace and stability, which has become a necessity for Pakistanis not to be part of the Cold War. It is in the interest of both countries to move forward despite the policy. Pakistan has made every effort to promote world peace, not just in the region, which is no longer possible for anyone to ignore.

Source: Jang Editorial



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