Reuters: Israeli spyware used against EC officials

High-ranking officials of the European Commission were under surveillance using Israeli spy programs, the Reuters agency reported, citing sources in European Union institutions. The procedure was to last from February to September 2021.

Among the officials under surveillance there were to be, among others Belgian politician Didier Reynders , EU Commissioner for Justice. Four other European Commission employees were also spied on. According to Reuters, the EC authorities were supposed to find out about the case in November 2021 – warnings about “state-sponsored attacks” were sent to iPhone owners.

EC officials under surveillance using Israeli spy programs
EC representatives were under surveillance using the advanced ForcedEntry software. It is used by the Israeli cyber surveillance provider NSO Group and aims to support foreign intelligence agencies in taking control of iPhone devices remotely.

The NSO Group released a statement saying that it was not responsible for hacking attempts, and that the attacks described by Reuters “could not have been carried out using NSO tools.”

The Reuters Agency has not been able to determine who and for what purpose used Israeli spyware against EU officials



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