The aim of Imran Khan’s whole struggle is early elections, if this does not happen then vote bank will not survive: Najam Sethi

Senior analyst Najam Sethi has said that as soon as the Establishment stepped back, Imran Khan’s government could not survive a single day. Imran Khan knows that if the elections are not held soon, he will not get the little support he has now.

Commenting on the situation in the country in New Age TV program “Khabar Se Aage”, he said that now Imran Khan has started taking more names and will continue to do so because he knows what happened. That happened because of the thinking of the institution. They want the next army chief to be their choice. That is why the PTI leadership is sending messages criticizing the army.

He said that the present leadership of the army has thought that Imran Khan is not good for the country and nation, they are trying to isolate us from the world. They are leading us to bankruptcy, which is a path to destruction. If that happened then it would be to Pakistan’s detriment. The army began to see a failed state in these four years of the PTI government.

Najam Sethi said that the Establishment was worried about what would happen to us next. Imran Khan took the world away from us by fighting with everyone. Money has stopped coming. Where will we pay salaries? Where to buy weapons?

He said that the Establishment thought in the national interest that Imran Khan Banda was very dangerous. It is better for us to step back now than to have a bad reputation.

Talking about the political situation in the country, he said that after Imran Khan’s statement, besiege him, we see violence in the cities. League leader Ata Tarar has also said that if such a move happens again, we will ask our workers to give a full answer. Meanwhile, the army has said that if the institution is attacked, we will take action. So what will the government do? It will sit quietly and listen to abuse?

Najam Sethi said that all parties have to be happy with the way this new government has been formed. 8 parties are involved in this alliance. The servant with two seats also says give us two ministries. Shahbaz Sharif is a one man show. He has run Punjab, not Pakistan. Shahbaz Sharif would take all his work from the bureaucracy, the



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