The Shiny Xiaomi Civi 1S Is Coming Soon!

photo: Xiaomi

Xiaomi confirmed – on April 21, the Civi 1S will have its Chinese premiere. On this occasion, we got some official photos showing that the new model will be available in white and purple.

The Civi series focuses primarily on looks – the first model in this series, Xiaomi Civi, was advertised as “the most beautiful smartphone”. This is, of course, a subjective issue, but you have to admit that the manufacturer did his best. The sparkling, color-shimmering casing definitely stands out from other smartphones, and describing the available color variants simply as “white” or “purple” seems to be a strong understatement.

Xiaomi Civi could also boast dimensions – 4500 mAh battery was able to fit in a housing with a thickness of 6.98 mm, in addition, the whole weighs only 166 g.

Xiaomi Civi 1S is quite similar to last year’s predecessor – it is supposed to be similarly slim and light, we also see a familiar camera layout. There are rumors about a better processor – this time it is supposed to be Snapdragon 77G8 +. Another advantage is charging – 67 W instead of the previous 55 W. We will have to wait for the rest of the specification



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