Google News literally eats up your smartphone’s battery

A newly discovered bug in Google News keeps the camera running in the background. This will quickly drain the battery and heat up the device. The giant says it is already working on solving the problem.

The batteries in our smartphones often have a problem with surviving one full day. The mass of background applications is certainly not helping. According to 9to5Google, a recently discovered bug in the Google News app on Android smartphones leaves the camera running in the background – a great way to both warm up the phone and drain the battery.

Google News allows you to easily take a photo directly from within the app and attach it to your chat messages. According to user reports, the camera in the communicator could remain activated even if the image from the lens was not displayed on the screen. The issue has also been reported on Reddit for the Pixel 6 Pro smartphone. It consumes a lot of battery power and heats up the device.

The easiest way to stop a problem at the moment is to throw the app out of Recent view, which will close it. Another solution is to completely deny the Messages app access to your camera by going to Settings> Applications> Messages> Permissions> Camera and selecting “Don’t Allow.” According to Scott Westover, Google’s communications manager, the bug has been identified and is currently being patched up for users.



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