Is Imran an honest man? Questions Hammad Ghazavi

Hammad Ghazavi has a written a sarcastic piece on Imran Khan and questioned his honest on the website.  The title of the piece is “Banda Imamdar Hai” – the man is honest. 

He writes sarcastically narrates the story of how Imran Khan come out of the prime ministers on the last day of his office. 

He wrote that he come out of the PM house with a diary in his hand. 

“we do not know if Khan Sahib’s diary contained gifts or details of gifts in the treasury, so let’s talk about what we know.”

He mentions in the piece that how Imran Khan did not mention in declaration about the London Flat. Imran Khan had said about this flat the forget to mention it in his declaration. However, he raises a question that the former PM failed to provide details of the money he used to buy the flat. He accuses that PM that he took advantage of the Amnesty scheme and regularized it. 

He laments that that our judiciary has given a certificate of honesty and trustworthy to a certified money launderer.

He mentions about the money used to build the house at Bani Gala. The former PM has said that his wife has gifted this house. However, he was seen to change his statement and said that he had borrowed the money from his buy and paid her back by selling his London flat. Imran Khan failed to back his statement with evidence. 

In fact, Jaima had sent money to a man named Arshad. He had given it to him

“We’ve all heard the tragic story, from presents to watches. Let’s move on. Have you heard the story of the helicopter? Imran Khan spent one billion rupees on going from home to office, which is a hundred times more than his predecessor. Who else is playing with the money of the nation? And who is this Farah princess whose name is written in bold letters on every incident that takes place in Punjab, forty four bank accounts, dozens of vehicles, twenty plots, hundreds of acres of land, what is all this? Let’s just say that as the trustee of Al-Qadir Rouhani University, how did your eyes fall on Farah Shahzadi?,” said Hammad Ghazavi

His supporter his say that that he is honest despite this allegations.

Hammad wrote, “When Imran Khan’s idol was being carved, a very heavy proportion of ‘honesty’ was kept in the raw material, a politician was invented who would do politics but would not be a politician, because politicians are corrupt. Before Imran Khan, this financial honesty was only mentioned in martial law administrators. Imran was the first civilian politician whose honesty was beyond doubt like his idol carving.”



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