Protests are expected in numerous cities if abortion rights are restricted.

People in numerous locations throughout the US have flocked to the streets to protest anticipated far-reaching limitations on the right to abortion in the United States.

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Late Tuesday evening in Los Angeles, there were clashes with the police. According to the statement, an officer was hurt.

Vice President Kamala Harris encouraged women to fight for their rights. Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, the Republican governor approved legislation strengthening abortion restrictions dramatically.

The magazine “Politico” revealed a copy of a US Supreme Court ruling on Monday evening, according to which the country’s liberal abortion law will be overturned.

The document enraged Democratic US President Joe Biden’s administration as well as liberals around the country. While confirming the validity of the document, the Supreme Court cautioned that it was not a final decision or view of any court.

In the next two months, the court will make a final decision. A probe into how the draft became public was also initiated. “This was a one-of-a-kind and outrageous betrayal of trust,” Chief Justice John Roberts remarked.

Around 250 people demonstrated peacefully in front of a downtown courthouse in Los Angeles, according to authorities. But suddenly a crowd gathered at a crossroads. While trying to clear the street, some protestors threw stones and bottles at emergency personnel, injuring one officer.

It was reported that police officers across the city had been put on high alert. Officers allegedly used batons on several demonstrators near Pershing Square, according to media sources. No arrest was reported.

Other cities where protests have been recorded include Washington, Atlanta, Austin, San Francisco, and New York. Thousands of people gathered in Foley Square in Manhattan. New York Attorney General Letitia James said at the event that she, too, had an abortion 20 years ago. “Misogyny kills more people than abortion,” one poster reads, while another says, “Stop the war against women.”



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