The American intelligence does not provide the Ukrainians with all the information

The American intelligence does not provide the Ukrainians with all the information

American intelligence is not allowed to inform Ukrainian partners about the location of individual Russian commanders or politicians. Nor can they help them attack targets in Russia, according to Joe Biden’s administration guidelines, which the Washington Post reported. The idea is to avoid Russia’s accusation and not to lead to US-Russian confrontation.

” President Joe Biden’s administration has developed guidelines for sharing intelligence with Ukraine . They are designed to avoid escalating tensions between Washington and Moscow . The recommendations contain two broad prohibitions. 

The US cannot provide Ukraine with detailed data that would assist in killing key Russian commanders. or politicians , such as the chief of the general staff or the minister of defense. The second forbidden category is any information that helps Ukraine in attacking enemy targets outside the country (ie on the territory of Russia – ed.) “- emphasized in the article.

As reported by the American daily, concerns about the Kremlin ‘s reaction to the second type of US support for Ukraine prompted the White House to suspend plans to provide Poland with fighters to Ukraine . The Ukrainian side could use these machines to launch attacks on Russian territory , which would be contrary to American guidelines.

No high-level target data available

The United States also adopted a rule that prohibits disclosure of “target information ” to Ukraine . In practice, this means that Washington is not sharing reports that a particular Russian general has been spotted in a particular location , nor is it assisting Kiev in carrying out attacks on such persons or objects. However, it is allowed to provide data on enemy command and control centers, which are places where senior Russian officers are frequently present.

According to the Washington Post, such information could ” help Ukraine in its own defense “. If the Ukrainian commanders decided to hit such a facility, it would be their decision – the authors of the article assessed. They also indicated that an example of cooperation with Kiev , which leads to the destruction of enemy units, but does not exhaust the definition of US direct responsibility , was the sinking of the Russian cruiser “Moscow” by Ukrainians , which took place on April 14.

“Then Moscow would have an argument to answer”

“If the United States were supplying information about targets to a foreign entity and we were closely involved in making decisions about targets, then we would be directing the force and they would act on our behalf,” said Scott R. Anderson , a former State Department official and former adviser. Legal of the US Embassy in Baghdad . “It could be seen as approaching the border of a real attack on Russia , and then Moscow would have an argument to respond,” he stressed.



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