The citizen rescued the girl hanging on the 8th floor without caring for his life

Source :Astana Times

According to foreign media, a shocking incident took place in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nursultan, when a three-year-old girl, who was playing alone at home, was found hanging from the eighth floor.

The report said that the girl was playing alone in the apartment on the eighth floor of a multi-storey residential building when suddenly her foot slipped and she hung out of the window.

Crowds gathered when they saw a three-year-old girl hanging out of a window, but no one tried to save her. Meanwhile, a 37-year-old man named Sabit was passing by who saw the girl hanging from a tall building. Ran for help

The young man reached the seventh floor with his friend and without caring for his life he came out of the window and grabbed the girl’s foot and pulled her towards him and pushed her in through the window.

 Meanwhile, Sabit’s friend grabbed his legs to prevent him from falling down.

The Kazakh citizen has been dubbed a “hero” by the people, while the city’s deputy emergency minister presented Sabit with a medal of bravery and an apartment.

According to media reports, Thabit is the father of four children and lives alone in the capital for employment while the family lives in another city.

Sabit says he will invite his children and wife to a beautiful apartment given to him by the government.

Sabit appealed to the people that if there are small children in the house, they should not leave the windows of the house open at all, because as soon as they see the children, they may get into an accident in which they may die or become disabled for life.



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