How many hours of sleep per day can prevent chronic diseases that are life-threatening?

People who sleep for 5 hours or less each night in middle age are more likely to develop various chronic diseases.

A recent medical investigation made this discovery.

The study, which was released in the journal PLOS Medicine, examined 8,000 British civil officials who had not received a chronic disease diagnosis until they were 50 years old.

It was then determined how long they slept for, and they had a 25-year evaluation.

They were frequently questioned about how long they slept for each night during this time.

According to the findings, those over 50 who slept for 5 hours or fewer every night had a 30% higher long-term risk of developing several chronic conditions.

By the time a person reaches the age of 60, their risk of contracting these diseases rises by 32%, and by the time they reach the age of 70, it rises by 40%.
According to research, these persons have a higher risk of developing diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart failure, lung, kidney, and liver diseases as well as mental illnesses like depression and dementia as well as joint pain.
People who sleep for fewer than seven hours every night are more likely to develop chronic illnesses, according to earlier study studies.
As a result of relying on participants’ reported data, the researchers who participated in this new study acknowledged that their work is somewhat constrained.

However, he asserted a connection between less sleep in middle life and an increased risk of chronic illnesses in old age.
He continued, “The findings highlight the need of getting quality sleep, and getting at least 7 hours can dramatically lower your chance of developing chronic illnesses.

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Good night’s sleep reduces chances of stroke: Study



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