Soft drinks and artificial sweeteners can affect the liver

The liver, which conducts 50,000 chemical interactions each minute, is the body’s most intricate machine. Scientists have now discovered that soft drinks, sodas, and artificial sweeteners have an impact on the liver’s detoxification process at the molecular level.

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These beverages have an impact on the liver’s capacity to eliminate harmful substances. In this regard, a study at the Medical College of Wisconsin revealed the entire molecular and chemical mechanism by which soft drinks and other liquids with added sugar impact the liver and its capacity to eliminate hazardous substances.

In this aspect, a crucial protein that eliminates waste from the body during metabolism is impacted.

Cumin beverages and low-sugar packaged yogurt, according to Lara Denner, a doctorate student at the medical college, are equally dangerous. The liver can also be harmed by chemicals found in cosmetics and other non-food things.

P-glycoprotein is the name of this protein (PGP). A protein known as Multi-Drug Protein One is impacted by exposure to the two primary chemical components of soft drinks, acylfam, potassium, and sclerosis (MDR-1). It should be emphasized that PGP removes dangerous and toxic chemicals from our bodies.

Experts claim that the components of artificial sweeteners adhere to PGP and reduce its efficacy. As a result, bile acids, pharmaceutical compounds, and xenobiotics cannot be eliminated by the liver.

Scientists caution that even beverages with less sweetness than a particular threshold can have a similar impact on the liver. Most importantly, the liver detoxifies the medication by eliminating dangerous compounds, due to its PGP protein. Antibiotics and blood pressure medicine are the main culprits behind these hazardous substances.

Although more research is needed in this area, the research team warns people against soft drinks and soft drinks and advises them to use them sparingly.

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4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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