Do you know why chilly weather makes it difficult for your fingers to maintain their grip?

Life drastically alters after the onset of cold winter, which appears to be better than it is in the summer.

But many people also face a strange problem during the cold season.

These people’s grips weaken because their fingers get cold and stiff from the cold, but why is this the case?

Although the muscles that govern the fingers are located in the elbow, the function of the touch receptors in the fingers is altered by the temperature.

In other words, the muscles receive the right signals from the brain, but the cold affects neuron function.

.There is also a hidden reason behind cold hands and feet all the time in winter and that is decreased blood flow.

In cold conditions, our body reduces blood flow to the hands or feet to protect essential organs from freezing.

This causes constant coldness in the hands and feet, which also makes it harder to maintain a firm grasp.

Because of this, extremely cold weather significantly increases the risk of frostbite in the hands and feet.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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