Most doctors fail to warn diabetic patients about the dangers of low blood sugar

Low blood sugar seems to be an overlooked issue, despite the worrisome rise in high blood sugar that is regularly discussed.

Dangers of low blood pressure

Because of the consequences that high blood sugar levels can induce, such as kidney damage, nerve damage, eye damage, heart illness, stroke, neuropathy, and retinopathy, they are frequently discussed.

But most of us don’t realize the potential severity of hyperglycemia. Low blood sugar levels could have disastrous consequences. We don’t talk about it because most of us don’t know how important it is. The belief that the lower the number, the better is another issue. We may be able to prevent difficulties if we maintain extremely low blood sugar levels, but it’s also critical to keep in mind that hyperglycemia should not be ignored.

Hypoglycemia is a common complication for diabetics taking sulphonylureas, which elevate insulin, or insulin itself. Hypoglycemia may occur in these patients if medication, diet, and activity are not balanced.

First of all, they are not even aware that this ailment exists because the majority of doctors don’t explain it. The second is that if the patient’s blood sugar is persistently low, the body adapts to those low sugars and could not notice a minor drop in glucose levels, like 65 or 60 mg percent, because it is used to the 75s and 80s. This is referred to as hypoglycemic ignorance.

Yes, long-term diabetes may cause the levels of some hormones to drop. The signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia are brought on by these hormones. As a result, hypoglycemia symptoms may not be visible if those hormones are low, and this may happen. As a result, three factors could be to blame: the patient’s lack of education, low blood sugar, and a lack of hormones that trigger symptoms of hypoglycemia.

Patients with diabetes must be much more watchful for low blood sugar levels. There has to be greater awareness of hypoglycemia due to the potentially severe situations that can arise from low blood sugar.

Even with type II diabetes patients with high blood sugar levels, there is often no immediate danger to health or life, but if hypoglycemia drops dangerously low, it can result in unconsciousness and have significant consequences. Therefore, it would seem crucial to be mindful of hypoglycemia.

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