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What is continuous glucose monitoring?

What is continuous glucose monitoring?

Blood sugar levels are automatically monitored by continuous glucose monitoring both during the day and at night. Your blood sugar level is always visible at a glance. To spot trends, you can also observe how your glucose levels fluctuate over a few hours or days. Your ability to balance your diet, physical activity, and medications throughout the day will improve if you can see your glucose levels in real time.

How does a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) work?

A tiny sensor that is usually inserted under the skin on the belly or arm is how a CGM functions. Your interstitial glucose level, or the glucose present in the fluid between your cells, is measured by the sensor. Every few minutes, the sensor measures the glucose. The data is wirelessly transmitted from a transmitter to a monitor. You might carry the monitor in your pocket or purse as a separate item or as a component of an insulin pump. Some CGMs deliver data directly to a tablet or smartphone. The product guide from the American Diabetes Association lists a number of models that are readily available.


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