Overuse of cholesterol-lowering medications can cause bone damage.

A new study shows that high doses of the drug statins, which lowers cholesterol, can hurt bone health.

A new study reveals that high doses of the cholesterol-lowering drug statins can negatively impact bone health. A 2019 study of Austrians raised concerns about statins and osteoporosis, which is a disease of the bones. This led researchers in Vienna to look into how statins affect the structure of bones.

In a study on mice, researchers from the Medical University of Vienna and the Complexity Science Hub looked at how high doses of statins affect bone density.

. In a recent study, data from a 2019 survey of almost 8 million people were used. Researchers looked at 71 mice in the lab, 39 of which were male and 32 of which were female. They did this to see if there was a direct link between statins and osteoporosis. Scientists gave mice a high-fat diet for a few weeks so that their cholesterol levels would go up. Later, the researchers split these mice into two groups: the control group and the test group.

The researchers used micro-CT to measure the bone density of the mice after administering high doses of statins to the test group rats for about five and a half months. The researchers looked at the structure of the bones’ cortices and trabeculae.

The micro-CT scan results confirmed the researchers’ suspicions that high doses of statins could affect bones. According to scan analysis, bone density was reduced by 42 percent in male mice and 32 percent in female mice.


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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