Meal times can affect our mental health: Study

Boston: A recent study found that eating habits can have an impact on our mental health.

In the research, researchers found an increase in depression and anxiety in people who eat untimely food

In a study at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Massachusetts, the researchers simulated a shift-work schedule and found that patients who ate irregular meals had higher levels of melancholy and anxiety.

The study’s findings, according to co-author Frank Scheer, “indicate that there may be a special technique to potentially lessen the mood of persons suffering from internal clock abnormalities in our body from the damage caused by meal times.” such as people who work shifts and may have sleep issues (jet lag).

If mealtime adjustments help shield against mood sensitivity, further research in healthy persons and shift workers is required, according to Share in a news release. Until then, this research reveals a brand-new aspect, namely that mealtimes can negatively affect our mood.

The study found that up to 20% of workers in institutions like factories and hospitals in industrialised cultures work in shifts. The majority of these workers experience daily behavioural disorientation between their brain and their primary “circadian clock.” These include eating and remaining hungry during sleep. These folks are 25 to 40% more prone to experience anxiety and sadness.

Twelve males and seven women were chosen for the study that the researchers conducted. Participants were required to spend four non-conforming, 28-hour days in low light.



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