Brain cancer eradication vaccine successfully test on mice

Massachusetts: Using a vaccine based on double-acting cell therapy, scientists have not only been able to get rid of cancerous tumours in the brains of mice, but they have also taught the immune system to protect against cancer.

American scientists have made a cancer-killing vaccine from cancer cells that have been changed by genetic engineering. The vaccine has worked well on mice. File: Picture

Brigham and Women’s Hospital is a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Khalid Shah and his colleagues have made a new therapy that both gets rid of cancer and makes it hard for it to come back for a long time. Experts have called it a “dual-action vaccine,” and Science Translational Medicine has written about it.

Scientists have changed cancer cells in a way that makes them attack other cancer cells. This also makes the body’s immune system stronger, which helps it fight cancer.

Dr. Khalid Shah used Crispr CAS9 and other new techniques to change the DNA of living brain cancer cells. So, when they were given to mice, the cancerous tumours were killed, and they are no longer there. But at the same time, the peace system went through some big changes.

So, not only did the mice fully recover from their brain cancer, but their changed immune system also stopped any more attacks. Experts have called this method a vaccine for brain cancer.



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