How often do you need to change your socks?

Do you change your socks with the right frequency?

Doctors explain why this task should sometimes be done a lot more often than we might think.

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Changing your clothes often is both a sign of good hygiene and a sign that you know how to enjoy life. It turns out that many people don’t know how often they should change their socks. It’s not clear what the experts think the best way to solve this problem is.

How often should you change your socks?

People on the Internet often make jokes about changing this particular garment. Online discussion forums say that men change their socks about every two to three days, which is less often than women. Socks should be thought of as underwear that you wear every day.

There could be as many as 250,000 sweat glands in the feet. The moisture from our body will cause dead skin to collect in the socks if we start to perspire. If we don’t modify this part of the outfit, it will be quite simple to grow bacteria, fungus, and even staphylococci in this condition. Keep in mind that it is always preferable to avoid something than to treat it.

Doctors warn. Once a day is the minimum

Unpleasant circumstances include increased body perspiration and fungus infections. To get rid of them faster, it is vital to visit an expert and maintain proper hygiene. In this case, it makes sense to change your socks more frequently than once each day. After then, the bacteria won’t have much time to grow. Increased physical activity is an additional circumstance. If we feel that our feet are sweating after training, we should replace the socks with a dry, fresh pair.

It is recommended to wash the feet before changing socks. Thorough washing and drying will considerably lower the chance of infection.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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