Do you see dark spots in front of your eyes?: High Cholesterol causes that

High cholesterol , especially long-term, can be dangerous for the cardiovascular system. This condition is so dangerous that it usually does not give clear signs or they are atypical. One of the symptoms of too much cholesterol in the body is floaters in the eyes

What are floaters and what diseases can they be a symptom of?

Floaters are specks that appear in your field of vision. They usually look like black or gray spots or webs of spots that float when you move your eyes.



This phenomenon can occur at different stages of our lives. It occurs especially in the elderly.


Most people will experience floaters in their eyes at some point in their lives – especially in old age as the jelly-like substance in our eyes becomes more fluid.


However, age is not the only factor triggering this type of change. Too much cholesterol may be the cause.



How it’s possible? The condition in which floaters appear in the eye as a result of too high cholesterol is also called synchysis scintillans or cholesterolosis bulbi. In this case, floaters consist of cholesterol crystals. They leak from blood vessels where cholesterol can accumulate.




4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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