Using vitamin D supplements reduces chances of skin cancer

A new study has found that people who regularly use vitamin D supplements reduce their chances of developing skin cancer.


In a study conducted jointly by the University of Eastern Finland and The University of Kopio University Hospital, dermatologists said that people who regularly eat vitamin D supplements are less likely to suffer from melanoma than those who do not use supplements.


 Vitamin D plays an important role for the human body and can also play an important role in the context of diseases. In the past, the link between vitamin D and skin cancer has been studied several times. Most of these studies focused on calcidiol, a component of vitamin D, and its relationship to skin cancer. However, these studies have been inconclusive and sometimes there were considerable discrepancies in the results.


 In the study, published in Melanoma Research, the researchers selected 498 people who were more likely to develop skin cancer.

 Dermatologists from the University of Eastern Finland carefully examined the patients’ past information and medical history and examined the skin.


 Experts divided patients into three different groups according to their vitamin D consumption. One group that did not use supplements at all, one who used supplements occasionally and one who used supplements regularly. Experts also divided these patients into groups according to low risk, medium risk and high risk.


 The important thing in the research was that people who used vitamin D regularly had fewer cases of melanoma than those who did not use vitamin D.

 The analysis also found that patients with regular vitamin D use had a more than half reduction in the likelihood of melanoma.



3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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