Tomato Fever. Should parents be afraid of the new virus?

Is the new virus from India a threat to children in Europe?

Tomato fever, which is also called “tomato flu,” mostly affects kids under 5 years old. At first, its symptoms are similar to those of a cold, but after a while, a rash starts to show up on the body of the person who has it. Should the new virus make parents nervous?

Is tomato fever dangerous for kids? This is a frequently asked question in parent groups. In one part of India, this strange infection has started to spread, and every day there are new cases of it. It spreads through droplets and mostly affects kids under 5 years old. Should the new virus make parents nervous?

Tomato fever in children. Symptoms of an unusual infection

A mysterious infection that mostly affects kids around the age of 5 has been talked about in the news for a while now. It was first seen in India, which is a place where it spreads quickly. Doctors there have already written down the names of almost 100 sick children, but many of them think the number may be much higher because not all of them go to the doctor.

This strange infection won’t kill you. At first, it looks a lot like the flu or a cold. After a few days, though, red blisters that look like small, ripening tomatoes show up. During this time, it is important to give a lot of fluids. The disease itself is not dangerous, but the complications are.

Most of the cases that were found in India were very mild and did not even need to be hospitalized or treated by a doctor. The doctors don’t have the right medicines to treat the virus. They give antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs to treat the symptoms of the disease. Importantly, tomato fever goes away on its own in about 10 days.

Is the new virus from India a threat to children in Europe?

Today, viruses spread easily. People carry many diseases-causing bacteria and viruses. Infectious disease experts think a mysterious disease could reach Europe. However, frequent hand washing, disinfection, and social distance are most important. This habit prevents numerous diseases.

Tomato fever is unknown. Dengue or chikungunya could cause it. Children’s rashes have unknown causes. If a child has an unusual rash, parents should see a doctor.



3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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