Ways to keep seniors safe at home

Seniors prefer independence. This keeps their lives interesting and meaningful. They care for their children and grandchildren despite their own issues. However, you must allow yourself to be cared for in your later years. If needed, it’s about small facilitations and home security solutions, not 24/7 care.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

1. Proper room lighting

Older people struggle with mobility, balance, and coordination. They frequently use the restroom at night. Unlit apartments can cause accidents. Thus, adding lamps to corridors, corners, and stairs is worthwhile. Ideally, a motion sensor. A bedside lamp with an easy-to-use switch is essential.

Let’s rearrange the furniture so you can move around the apartment with the senior’s permission. Table and countertop corners can also be protected.

2. Protect carpets and rugs

Watch out for the floors. Are they hard to hold? Aren’t the rugs moving? If you need to, make big changes. Sometimes it’s enough to use non-slip tape to stick the carpets down. Anti-slip mats should be put in the kitchen and bathroom, where people are more likely to fall on a wet floor.

3. Everything at your fingertips

It’s a good idea to make a place where an older person can keep all of their things, like glasses, medicine, and makeup, but also favorite books or crossword puzzles.

When you go to see him, you should ask if he needs anything in particular. Maybe someone you care about would like something that is deep in the closet or up high on a shelf.

Both the kitchen and the pantry follow the same rules. It’s best to keep all the basics close at hand. All of this was done so that people wouldn’t have to reach up or bend down as much. The less movement there is that could be dangerous, the better.

4. Fire protection

If you can, you should think about replacing your stove and oven with ones that turn off by themselves. The older person will be safer because of this.

Installing a smoke and fire alarm is also a good idea. But be careful: it’s up to us, the caregivers, to check the battery often. When caring for an older person, it’s important to show compassion. Let’s not put our loved ones in a box and deny them the chance to live on their own. Don’t do anything that the older person doesn’t want. And let’s not forget the basics: being kind, paying attention, and caring.


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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