How many calories does tea have?

Tea and coffee without sugar provide no calories.

An infusion of pure tea has no calories. It doesn’t matter if the tea is red, white, black, or green. Tea gains additional calories when you add things to it. While raspberry juice only has about 20 kcal per tablespoon, honey can have up to 80 kcal per tablespoon. Tea can be made more calorie-dense by adding syrups, sugar, milk, candy, and dried fruit. Learn how many calories are in your favorite tea.

Tea is even diet-friendly and low in calorie
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Tea is even diet-friendly and low in calories! However, sweet additives significantly increase the number of calories in tea (not only sugar). Do not sweeten your tea with sugar, honey, or flavoring syrups if you want to keep it low in calories.

What is the caloric content of tea?

Without sugar, tea and coffee have no calories. Tea has no calories. However, adding milk, sugar, or flavoring syrup is enough to significantly raise the caloric content. You frequently make several of these additions. They are to blame for tea’s ability to explode in calories. Take extra care when drinking any “winter” or “autumn” tea. They frequently contain a lot of caloric additives.

A large lunch’s worth of calories may have been consumed if you sip on several of these fortified teas throughout the day. Tea flavored with honey, dried fruit, and raspberry syrup tastes like dessert but is still liquid, which slightly curbs appetite.

The caloric content of tea depends on:

  • added sugar,
  • honey addition,
  • the addition of milk and its type,
  • addition of flavored syrups (e.g. raspberry).


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