Can you cure a cold in one day?

Cold and flu medications’ producers guarantee a nearly immediate recovery. The patient in the commercials takes a pill, and the following day he experiences no symptoms. Can an infection really be treated so quickly?

How to treat cold and flue?
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We want to feel normal while battling the illness and return to health as soon as we can. We dash to the pharmacy to purchase targeted medications in the hope that, like in the commercial, they will help us recover quickly. We discuss the viability of the claim.

Is there an effective cure for the common cold?

Each person “catches” a cold on average two to three times per year. Children who are still developing their immunity are more susceptible to illness. Although viral infections are a constant problem for us, the fall and winter months see an increase in cases.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that there are several hundred viruses that can cause the common cold. Most often, rhinoviruses are to blame , which are characterized by high contagiousness, which is why they are easily transmitted during direct contact with a sick person

Sadly, there aren’t any medications that can “cure” us in a single day. The flu and the common cold simply have to be illnesses; some of our actions, however, can hasten this process.

How long does a cold last?

In most cases, cold symptoms peak in two to three days. Signals such as coughing, a sore throat, a stuffy or runny nose, and sneezing are difficult for the sick person to deal with. Fever is a less frequent symptom that is typically associated with the flu.

In most cases, treating a cold doesn’t work. The patient experiences improvement within 10–14 days, though not everyone does. According to the American Lung Association, older adults and those with comorbid conditions may experience colds that last longer.

How to get rid of a cold quickly?

Two things are important to concentrate on when battling a cold: proper hydration and rest. To allow his body to regenerate, the patient should not overwork himself, avoid stress, and get enough sleep. A person with a cold should also drink plenty of fluids on a regular basis.

In healthy individuals, even a slight body dehydration can result in unpleasant symptoms. Studies have shown that you should drink more fluids than usual when you have a cold, and this is supported by the fact that hydration is even more crucial when the body is fighting an infection.

Therefore, it is wise to consume water-rich fruits and vegetables while the infection is present. Examples of such products include grapes, apples, celery, and oranges. Ginger and lemon-infused water are also excellent in the fight against colds.



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